A collection of various case studies, competition entries and commissions.

I took part in organising a successful Kickstarter for a charity fan convention. I helped define their visual identity, made a concept for their venue layout and designed their merch.

Fanart For Change is a non-profit organisation that brings together fans of various media to work on creative projects. I volunteered to create and sell a set of winter holiday-themed Good Omens papercrafts. All profits from our sales were donated to OutRight Action International.

I designed a mascot for a company called Kafánek, and for a while, I helped manage their social media and draw their mascot in photos according to instructions given to me.

I designed web graphics for Autos EU, an online automobile marketplace.

I was tasked with doing a facelift for illustrations on WIA's website and creating brand-new web illustrations.

I often dabble in digital painting and like to experiment with different art styles.

Currently, I'm in the process of setting up my own small sticker shop. I do both the designs and photography myself, and I hope to expand to other types of products as well.

Hello and welcome!I'm a digital artist currently based in Prague, Czech Republic, who specializes in stylized illustration, character design and graphic design. I'm passionate about creating artwork people will enjoy, and I'm always looking for creative opportunities and projects.When I'm not drawing, I like to indulge in my other passions which include a love for storytelling, playing video games, TTRPGs, reading, wandering the woodlands, petting dogs, and napping under trees.Feel free to reach out with any inquiries at hanakovart@gmail.comRead about my art journey!